The MD-19 is a multi purpose unit designed to capture, inactive and destroy virus, bacteria and
microorganisms present in the air.

It has a proven efficiency above
90% on a single air passage.

It is equipped with a variable speed controller, Merv 13 filter and the same Center Point Catalyst that fits in to the commercial HVAC systems.

Easy access to pre filter and photocatalytic panel for its maintenance.

It decontaminates up to 50m2 environments. Low ambient noise level (less than 55db).

Available in two colours: White, and Dark Gray


  1. UVGI Lamps (don’t produce ozone):  2 
  2. Filter: 1 Merv 13 (20″ x 24″ x 4″)
  3. Voltage: 127V/60Hz ; 220V/50-60Hz
  4. Size: 36” x 17” x 14”
  5. Weight: 60 Lbs
  6. CFM: 500 
  7. Speed control: yes 
  8. Noise level: 58db at 1mt.
  9. Coverage area: up to 538 ft²