PCP Compound 2008

2008 PCP Compound

The 2008 PCP Compound utilizes the entire airstream when installed in either the duct work or in the most accepted location–the air handler itself. The Genesis Air PCP Compound Photocatalyst System is used to reduce airborne biologics and VOCs in an airstream. In many cases, it’s a convenient choice for gas phase filtration in place of adsorbent systems. With a .05 pressure drop across the catalyst at 500 fpm you don’t have the traditional pressure drop you see in charcoal bed systems. And with a 15-year catalyst life, life cycle costs are considerably reduced with the PCP series.


  1. UVGI Lamps (don’t produce ozone): depending on the configuration
  2. Pressure drop: 0,05” at 500 fpm
  3. Voltage: 127V/60Hz ; 220V/50-60Hz
  4. Lifetime: 15 years
  5. Renewable surface
  6. Tested by prestigious independent third party laboratories. 
  7. UL, EPA Certificates